Frequently asked questions for YAYDEN seller community

Log into your Stripe profile and click the avatar icon in the top right corner. Click profile, then scroll down to accounts at the very bottom to see your account ID.

When the shop is under review, we are ensuring that your shop is categorized properly, presentable, within our terms and conditions, and not infringing on copyrights.

Your product is pending because it may be unpublished by you or under review by us.

The process could take anywhere from 1-3 business days.

Yes as it is imperative for FedEx to know this field to calculate the shipping costs.

Email for us to get this sorted out for you.

Email for us to get this sorted out for you.

As many as you’d like!

The social media icons are for sharing purpose only by the viewer. Integrating social media in YAYDEN is still under review.

Yes, for purchases only. For shop creation, Stripe is what will be used for payouts. Stripe can also be used for purchases.


565W x 565H will provide the best result for our site.


Frequently asked questions for YAYDEN buyers

Each seller will have their own refund policies and steps to retrieving this. Please refer to the seller or to their profile regarding this.

Yes indeed. You can do this by going to the artist’s profile and selecting contact seller. Select the product in question and send your message.

Yes. You’ll have to use a different email address. If you want to use the same, contact

Yes, PayPal and Stripe will work for purchases.