Introducing, visualsofeli

What was the moment you realized you wanted to be a photographer? 

  • The moment I realized I wanted to be a photographer was actually way before I became one. It was back in maybe 8th or 9th grade I always
    wanted to be a skateboarding photographer, it seemed so cool but it took me until 2016 to actually pick up a camera and use it and I’m glad it did because it changed my life.

What is the technique you mostly use when shooting?

  • The technique I mostly use while I’m shooting or go for is mainly natural lighting. I enjoy the way the light bounces off of buildings and sometimes people when they don’t even know it.

What are you looking for most when shooting?

  •  when I’m shooting, I’m mainly shooting street or skateboarding, and i want them to tell a story. One of my favorite photos that i shot was in California on the pier of Santa Monica, and it was a guy fishing and leaning over the rail just relaxing kind of. Now to me when i saw that was he was at peace and nothing could bother him.

When shooting a subject, what are you trying to bring out most for the photo?

  • If I’m shooting a person, I mostly want them to be very comfortable and relaxed. My shoots are very loose, I’ll have an idea in mind for like clothes or something but I always let them bring there own style into it also so it can be more authentic and natural looking.

What are you experimenting with now, and what can the audience look forward to?

  • I’m actually going back and doing a bunch of film camera work. I grew up n 35mm and was always so intrigued about how it was processed and the graininess of every photo its very unique, I keep a small 35mm camera with me everywhere i go just in case I like something.

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