Introducing, Tekoah

We’re excited to introduce you to, Tekoah, headed by the Dallas based artist, Teacoa Rushton. As therapy to the depression that fell upon, Teacoa, in 2011 after becoming unemployed, the craft of jewelry accessories became an outlet for him to escape the weight of this. All his pieces are hand crafted from reflections of his past experiences with a high level of detail. Tekoah’s message is inspiring and sure to decorate your day.

Q: What is your favorite past time?  

My favorite past time is photography. I love the action of capturing images, visualizing color, encapsulating light and creating moments. It can be on my phone, my professional camera or film. I enjoy collecting photography as well. I have thousands of photos archived digitally and printed. Photography is a master teacher for me. It teaches patience, and stability. It also provides a great lesson in storytelling and searching. I love discovering things! It makes me feel like a hunter, looking for the necessary and scavenging for the unspoken. While photography is part of my work, it is the thing I love to do when I am not working. It has a way of collecting layers of information. Information that we as artist look for. I think that is so fascinating. I get the opportunity to meet many people, journal my life and it allows me to be a place holder in this world and share the many tones that my eyes observe.

Q: Would you say this has any influence in your art? 

Absolutely! Many of my inspirations comes from my journey as a photographer. As a photographer you find yourself in the realm of humanity. While you are capturing moments and events, you are in the space in which dialog is created. You find yourself meeting and talking to so many people and hear so many stories. At least I have. I have learned so many lessons from those conversations. And when I look at those photographs again, I find myself wanting to reimagine those lessons and stories that is now associated with a photo. That cultivation of reimagining is how I am able to create many pieces of jewelry.

Q: Could you expand on why it is you make Jewelry and your inspiration?

I love wearable art. There is something about wanting to wear a piece of work that speaks to you and that makes you feel great or it triggers memory for you. Jewelry for me has a way of activating the spirit, which is what most art does in some form. I make jewelry because I like the idea of allowing work that comes from my spirit to reach and involve the spirit of others. When I think of jewelry, I think of movement, I think of resonance and I feel life, energy, and that is also what spirit means to me.

My inspiration comes from other people creating all things. I love to engage and get to know people when I make jewelry. My goal is to make work that the spirit understands and can attach to while the person who wears it can very much enjoy it. I make jewelry as a way to inspire people to be cultivators and to create their own vision of their life.

Q: We at YAYDEN always find great interest in the creative thought process that allows for such
awesome results. What is your creative process to making a piece from start to finish?

When I am making an open piece, jewelry with no owner, it comes from a place of fun. I reference my stories, my memories and my locations. I like to draw out some designs and source material. Sometimes an idea can come easily, and other times it can take hours. There are also moments when I go completely random. That is my favorite thing to do. There are no designs, no concept. It is all live and exposed in the moment.

When I am creating a custom piece, it starts with a conversation. I try to get to know the person as much as I can. I want the piece to possess and be owned by them. Then designing come into play.  I consider color, shape, size, composition. Does the piece exude character? Does that character reflects who the piece is for. I am asking many questions. Then I build the piece and let it be for 24 to 4 8 hours to settle. Sometimes your art changes it message after a day or two so I wanted to be sure that my intention for the piece show much later.

Q: If ambiguity isn’t an issue, what is the overall message for your jewelry?

The overall message of my jewelry is to be masterful with self-curation. To be imaginative, curious and to be open to making the things you love, and desire to fit the space known as your life. Take control and be magical and artful along the way.

Q: What would you like to say to the readers? 

Thank you for occupying this space and for allowing me to share myself with you.

Beauty of a PearlBEAUTY OF A PEARL

TEKOAH: “Beauty of a Pearl” is about accepting the differences of people. Like people, pearls comes in various colors and shapes and sizes. Made with different circumstances. There is absolute beauty in each pearl that is created and each has creates a beautiful purpose. 

 “Beauty of a Pearl” is made with various freshwater pearls and finished with a sterling silver clasp.


TEKOAH: "POWER" is a simple and striking piece. It does not take much to show and be recognized. Just be in that place and show what you have, and you will create movements. That is what this piece is about. Presently being.   

 This piece is made with a mixture of black and matte black Japanese seed beads. Finished with Leather and a button closure

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