Introducing, Courtney Monday

Today, you will learn about the talented, Courtney Monday. Courtney is a freelance designer and fine arts painter in the Dallas area. Coming from a family of creatives, it’s only natural that she is a well-rounded visual artist. Her concentrations focus on animation and fantasy-based paintings. Get to know Courtney today!

Q: What is your favorite past time?  

My favorite pass time is actually making art. Drawing, writing, painting etc. I’m always trying to hone my craft. I’m an imaginative person so I’m always thinking of new stories and characters to create. Many of these side projects are a work in progress, but drawing and creating things for myself helps me kindle the passion I have for what I do. That passion can potentially be lost to constant demand from clients.

Q: Would you say this has any influence in your art? 

Yes I would. Exploring myself and creating new things inspires my imagination and drive to be a better artist.

Q: How did you get stated in the visual arts?

I was ‘born’ with the inkling to draw. My dad is artistically talented so you could say it was passed down to me. All of my siblings are artistic too. I started drawing at an early age. It is what I love to do. I love to create, to make things. I’m drawn to visual arts and the arts in general, including dance and music. Being creative is a part of who I am.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from?

A lot of things, things I like. Fairies, Renaissance paintings, fantasy art, Disney, Anime, nature. I like to think anything has the potential to inspire.


Q: What is your creative process to making a piece?

I’m a bit of a haphazard painter sometimes. I come up with an idea or concept and then I start to work. Most time the finished product can be anywhere from 30%-75% of what I originally had in mind. I use lots of references to help me capture my vision. I’m always working to improve.

Q: What is the overall message you want to portray? 

Hope. Light. Life. Fun. Inspiration. I paint things I like. I paint things I find enchanting. I feel like my paintings capture a moment in time of a story that isn’t written. I love being in the free world of imagination, of endless possibilities. That’s why I’m attracted to fantasy art, renaissance art and romanticism. I like living in another world, transporting my art beyond the mundane, mainstream and conventional. As a person I’ve never been normal. I guess I want my work to portray that.

Q: What would you like to say to the readers? 

Of course I would love someone to buy my art. But more than anything, if something I create brings a smile or a pause or a flicker of inspiration to you, that’s a gift in itself. If you were to purchase a piece, I would want to reason to be that the piece brought you some form of joy.

Wind in the WingsWind in the Wings

Courtney: When I was young, I fell in love with wings and creatures that had them. Wings represented freedom, something I often feel I lack in my life. On the Wings is an expression of that. Being free to be among the clouds and being free to fly away.

Go With Me Light Go With Me In Light

Courtney: Fairies have always been a sort of inspiration to me. Creatures of magic with wings that for me was a symbol of freedom and the ability to change and affect the world around me. I haven't always felt so free in life. 'Go With Me in Light' is a depiction of the light that fairies have always represented for me. The freedom to fly into the sun, into magic, imagination and soar above the mundane troubles.

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